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Is breastfeeding essential during night-sleep?

The frequency of breastfeeding plays an important role in a baby's life.

Is it necessary to breastfeed a baby having a good sleep? How frequently the baby has to be breastfed?

Breastfeeding is the only medium of nourishment for the newborn baby and hence its frequency and quality have to be monitored seriously. Breastmilk consists of all nutrients required by the baby for its growth and development. A deficit of breastmilk may lead to undernutrition and various ailments to the baby. Hence sufficient breast milk has to be provided to the baby. Breastfeeding has to be done at every 2 hrs during the daytime and no less than every 3 hrs at night. If the interval between the feeding increases, it may lead to a lowering of sugar levels in the blood of the baby and may also alter the consistency of the breast milk. So it's always better to breastfeed at regular intervals during the day and also at night, even if the baby is having a long nap.

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