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Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospital
Valiyaparambu (Mala, Thrissur)

Post-delivery treatments are done in specific packages formulated years back by our chief physician, Dr. Rosemary Wilson, and is continuing the same without loosing its authenticity, ensuring  the comfort of delivered ladies.

Treatment Procedures & Facilities


We provide the service of an experienced maid from 8 AM to 4 PM. She will take care of the mother and the baby during her duty time. She will teach the new mothers to handle the babies when they are crying, techniques to relieve gas from the baby's stomach, etc. All delivered ladies will be provided with separate maids who will be in charge of the mother and baby during the whole package.


Mukhalepanam or facepack is done over the face and neck of all delivered ladies. Dark pigmentation over neck is very common during pregnancy. Mukhalepanam with ayurvedic medicines removes this pigmentation and provides the natural glow to the face.


After the ved bath, it is an essential procedure to fumigate the hair using aromatic drugs. It dries the hair in the natural manner and thus helps in preventing post-delivery ailments that can be  caused due to daily head bath.


All treatments are done only after direct consultation with our doctor depending on the deha-dosha bala of the mother and the baby. There will be daily check-up of mother and baby and treatments for each day will be prescribed based on the daily condition of the mother and baby. All the treatments are done under the supervision of the doctor only.


The dresses of the mother and baby are washed under hygienic conditions by the Aaya regularly.


We provide free medical advice and consultation through the phone even after the period of treatment. 

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Ved bath is done to the mothers from the 5th day of normal delivery and on the 17th day for Caesarean delivery(only once the stitches have healed properly). Ved bath helps to relieve the swellings, body aches, etc. It tightens the loose muscles and provides rigidity to the joints. It is the first main treatment after the delivery.

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Udhara veshtanam or abdominal binding is done to bring back the abdomen to its former stage before the pregnancy. After the delivery, the abdominal muscles will be loose and flaccid. So this is an essential procedure for each delivered lady.


Oral ayurvedic medicines plays an important role in preventing the post-delivery ailments. It includes medicines like arishtas, kashayas and lehyas. These medicines ignite the weak digestive fire and help in balancing the altered hormone levels. It also helps in relieving the joint pains and keep the uterus in good health.


Nutritious foods like milk, fish, egg, fruits, leafy vegetables, etc are provided for increasing the breast milk and healing the wounds of uterus.