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Kandamkulathy Prasava Raksha packages are available at 
Mala (Thrissur), Athirappilly (Chalakudy),
Palarivattom (Ernakulam), Kumarapuram (Thiruvananthapuram)

Package Includes




  1. Full body massage with oil

  2. Mugalepam

  3. Vedh steaming

  4. Face massage

  5. Head massage

  6. Vedh bath

  7. Vedh kizhi

  8. Natural head bath

  9. Greeva lepanam

  10. Udara lepanam

  11. Udara Veshtanam

  12. Kati lepanam

  13. Keshadhoopanam


  1. Arishtas for digestion and general health

  2. Kashayams for healing reproductive organs and complete wellness

  3. Gulikas for pacifying aggravated vata

  4. Lehyas for regulating hormone levels, relieving pains and increasing breast milk


  1. Soft oil massage

  2. Shaping of head, nose, etc.

  3. Sunbath

  4. Medicinal bath


  1. 24hrs lady doctor service

  2. Maid service - 8AM - 4PM

  3. Laundry service


  1. Milk, egg, fruits, fish, etc

  2. Marunnu kanji

  3. Medicinal kurukku

  4. Health drinks

  5. Normal regular food


  1. Fully furnished room with TV, WiFi, etc.

  2. Attached washroom

  3. A bystander can be accommodated

  4. The elder kid can be accommodated only if the bystander can manage

Additional Provisions (Extra Cost)

  • Food of the bystander

  • Maid service at night

  • A/c Room

If you are interested, please book prior to a month.
(no payment needed)

For more information, please contact us

 Home Service facility is not available with us 

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