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The Complete Care for
Mom & Baby

The Prasava Raksha (Soothika) is one of our special treatment programme ensuring postnatal care for the mother and child.

Mother and Child

Prasava Raksha Chikithsa

Kandamkulathy Prasava Raksha package ensures the health of mother and child after delivery. The Prasava Raksha treatment is formulated in a special way which ensures the revitalization of energy and prevention from future health complications for both mother & child.



  • Special health package for ladies after delivery and newborn baby

  • Specially trained caretaker for taking care of mother and newborn babies

  • Experienced Ayurvedic doctors and therapists for taking care of mother and newborn babies

  • Hygiene place and clean atmosphere for doing the treatments.

  • Uniquely designed Ayurvedic treatments for maintaining good health of the mother and infant 

  • Traditional food for maintaining good health of mother and newborn baby


Treatment Procedures

For Baby

  • Sunbath

  • The traditional method of the shaping of head, nose & ears

  • Soft Oil Massage

  • Bath in medicinal water

For Mother

  • Vedhubath

  • Vedhukizhi

  • Lepanas – to remove stretch marks

  • Traditional abdomen reducing practices

  • Fumigation of head

Paper Stack and Pencil

Jeethu Joy Kunnath, Ernakulam

Good hospitality and good treatment. We are very much satisfied with everything. The rooms are good and affordable. All therapists are very helpful and caring.

Customer Feedback

Soumya Joseph, Thrissur

The treatments were excellent and I got great relief from my back pain. The Aaya was very caring while looking after the baby and I had a very good experience. The rooms were very clean and the foods were delicious. The hospital as it is environment friendly with fresh air to breathe.

Minu Venugopal, Aluva

Good hospitality and service. Good service from Aaya and other staffs. The rooms are well furnished and clean. The treatments and foods were excellent.