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@Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurveda Hospital, Konnakuzhy, Athirapally


Doctor Service

A residential lady doctor is available for medical advice and management of complications if any. Daily checkups and supervision on all treatments are provided by the doctor herself. The service of visiting doctors including that of our chief physician Dr. Rosemary Wilson will be available weekly.


Baby Care

Babies are the gift of God and the treasures of the parents. We treat those cute treasures with utmost care by providing soft oil massages depending on the skin type and provide our pure ayurvedic medicines as per the requirements.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Family Friendly


We provide accommodation for family members including elder kids and husband. The bystander can also undergo any treatments after the consultation with our doctor.


Calm & Quite


We have created the perfect pollution-free eco-friendly ambience for mother and baby to revitalise the energy and to relax the mind.

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TV with desired channels, a kettle, medicated drinking water and 24hr hot water for bathing are available.

Image by Jack Anstey

River View


Since the hospital is situated near the Chalakudy river, one can get a perfect river view and can enjoy a beautiful and stress-free environment.



in Cottage

Fully furnished Kerala style A/c  and non A/c cottage rooms with attached washrooms are available. All rooms are well maintained and neat and clean.

Massage Therapy



Specially trained lady therapists do the external treatments like the kizhi for mother.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Own Ayurvedic Medicines

Special medicines and rasayanas are prepared in our own manufacturing factory for all postnatal ailments and to rejuvenate body and mind. Medicines are provided according to the condition of the patient and it may vary from patients to patients.



Hygiene is the most essential part in the day to day life of mother and baby. The dresses and the living surroundings are kept clean and disinfected by the Aaya everyday.



Pickup & Drop

We provide free pick-up and drop facility for the packages above 16 days within Thrissur and Ernakulam districts.


Yoga &


Pranayama and asanas are conducted under medical supervision to rebuild strength and muscle tone and for mind relaxation.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Traditional Treatments

Treatment procedures like ved bath and ved kizhi are included to firm up the body back to pre-pregnancy state and to relieve body aches and pains.

Abdominal binding.jpg


Beauty Care

Several ladies suffer from pigmentation on face and neck during pregnancy. Special medicines are prepared for face packs, removing black pigmentation and removing stretch marks. Traditional abdomen binding procedures are employed for tightening the abdominal muscles.



Food Diet

We provide a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein food and grains to keep your body healthy and to increase breast milk.



Maid Service

The maid is a middle-aged lady with years of practical experience and does the treatments of mother and baby


Play Area

for Kids

Once a new baby is born, there is always a mental stress for the elder kids. Hence we provide an environment for the older kids to live with their parents itself and enjoy their childhood. A well maintained play area is provided in the hospital premises itself.

Image by Paul Hanaoka


As today's generation is depending on the internet for jobs as well as education, a strong WiFi facility is available for your Laptops & Smartphones in our cottages.

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